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  1. The Milk of Human Foolishness - Part 1

    The Milk of Human Foolishness - Part 1

    PART 1     I am slightly worried that I might be a bit weird. Slightly? You spend most of your time swearing and talking to yourself. Recently, during a debate on obesity at a large food and health conference, an eminent speaker revealed the apparently shocking statistic that 87% of the financial health burden in developed countries now comes from non-communicable diseases (NCDs). This revelation drew shocked gasps from the audience. Something must be done. We must bring an end to this
  2. Welcome to Angry Chef

    Welcome to Angry Chef

    For one reason or another, over the past couple of months we seemed to have picked up quite a few new Angry Chef readers, so I thought that it might be time for a bit of housekeeping. I appreciate that, apart from a dedicated few who have been here since the early days, to most people the world of the Angry Chef might just seem a little bit impenetrable and weird. I started this blog earlier this year, born out of years of frustration at the nonsense and bullshit pseudoscience that pervades
  3. God Bless America

    God Bless America

    Yes he’s back, back again. ACs back, tell a friend. Yep, Angry Chef is back. After a few months of fairly intense book writing and only occasional posts, I now solemnly swear to get back to writing here regularly. Every 2 weeks at least. Maybe. I have a long list of stuff, so be ready. It appears that writing a book is actually pretty fucking hard. Tell me about it. I need a lie down. Do we have to do a blog post? Yes we do. More and more dietary bullshit appears all the time and we