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  1. Guardian of the Food Myths

    Guardian of the Food Myths

    I studied science at university, but became disillusioned with it by the end of my course and started my career in professional kitchens before I graduated. Lost in the world of chefing, I soon forgot much of the science I had been so passionate about. Despite my distinctly blue-collar possession (although obviously chefs are literally white-collar) I still read broadsheet papers, and it was Ben Goldacre’s Bad Science column in the Guardian that reignited my love of science. His fearless
  2. Some Potted Anger -

    Some Potted Anger -

    I told you January is a bad month for angry chefs. Here’s a few stories that set me off today. Huel is offering volunteers £35k to go without food for a year. Volunteers will have to take Huel’s nutritionally complete food supplement every day and undergo various monitoring. I suppose as a chef, the prospect of anyone choosing to give up food for a year offends me. Huel is specially formulated to not taste too good so consumers are not tempted to over indulge. Such destruction of joy - I pray
  3. How did this happen?

    How did this happen?

    In the zombie classic 28 days later, there is a moment when they are reliving the spread of the disease. Naomie Harris is talking about how at first it was on the television, but before long ‘it wasn’t on the TV anymore. It was on the street out side. It was coming in through your windows’. I felt a bit like this today, out food shopping at a large superstore. The obesity crisis used to be something you talked about, saw on the news. The affluent middle classes sipped their skinny lattes and