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  1. My New Big Idea

    My New Big Idea

    Here is my story. I had owned my car for about 3 years. I was always running it around, filling it up with any petrol I could find, pouring in supermarket own label screen wash, buying the cheapest brands of oil and brake fluid. I would take it on long journeys, short journeys, living life at (sometimes literally) 100 miles an hour. I never thought for a moment about looking after my car. When something went wrong, I went to a regular mechanic and had it fixed. But even though my car got
  2. Evolution - A Call to Arms

    Evolution - A Call to Arms

    OK, so in general I try to avoid quoting ex bankers and Tory peers in this blog, but I will make an exception for Matt Ridley, who's recent book 'The Evolution of Everything' got me thinking about a number of food issues. Matt argues that 'Much of the human world is the result of human action, but not of human design - it emerges from the interaction of millions, not from the plans of a few'. Basically, top down intervention is rarely effective in altering human behaviour - I think that this
  3. Eating the Planet to Death?

    Eating the Planet to Death?

    All chefs love meat. All real chefs anyway. When I started cooking professionally, you worked your way through the sections, starting at the lowest point – vegetables – working through salads, starters, fish, and then eventually sauce, where you would get to cook meat. It was the pinnacle of a practical kitchen career. You worked up to the sauce section, cooked meat and before long you would be looking at a Second Chef or Head Chef job. Head Chefs would usually run the pass, which to be honest