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  1. The Convenience Truth - Part 1

    The Convenience Truth - Part 1

    In the last six months writing under my bullshit fighting alter ego, I have produced two pieces that have garnered a lot of attention. The first was my ‘Unfashionable Defence of Convenience’, the second was the ‘What’s the Harm’ post from a few weeks ago. Both were written in genuine anger and although I stand by the messages, both pieces contained one or two errors. In the next few weeks, I am going to return to both subjects and look at the arguments in a slightly more analytical way. I
  2. If science is interesting, it's probably wrong.

    If science is interesting, it's probably wrong.

    Is Captain Science here? No. Probably best she is not around for this one? Why, you going to use anecdote as evidence again? Like you did all through that ‘What’s the Harm’ thing. No. Quite the opposite. I am going to explain why we should ignore lots of science. Especially when it comes to nutrition. Oh good. Planning on alienating most of your readers again. You obviously want to go back to when it was just you and me reading these posts. Maybe. But I think this is important. Worth a bit
  3. Angry Chef 2 - The curse of the skinny genes.

    Angry Chef 2 - The curse of the skinny genes.

    I hope that everyone enjoyed the dramatic finale to the Angry Chef action movie. Just when all seemed lost in the battle against the Two Headed Health Hydra, Angry Chef managed to reverse the polarity of the spiraliser by filling it with biodynamic eggs, sending the Hydra crashing down into the Health Blogomator 4000. The Hydra was forever banished to an obscure Friday evening TV slot, never to be broadcast on primetime television again, and the world was freed from the tyranny of probiotic