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  1. Big Fat Fish in a Tiny Barrel

    Big Fat Fish in a Tiny Barrel

    I try to keep angry chef based in the UK. The rest of the world provides so many potential targets for my anger that I fear I may explode in fury if unleashed there, especially into the US, where the cross over between new age health bollocks and pseudo-sciencey terminology seems to be a multi-billion dollar business. So it is just for shits and giggles that I stay tuned to the activities of Goop, the health and lifestyle website of Angry Chef favourite and pin up of the made up science
  2. WHO said that about sugar

    WHO said that about sugar

    The WHO have released a report on childhood obesity, with a list of recommendations for governments aimed at reversing the rising trend for overweight and obese children. It is a comprehensive report on this increasingly international problem, and the recommendations cover Physical Activity Promotion, ‘Health and Nutrition Literacy’ being taught in schools, lifestyle and weight management programmes, the need to focus on preconception and antenatal care and to develop comprehensive programmes
  3. Gemma Collins Poos in a Box

    Gemma Collins Poos in a Box

    Yes she’s back. Back again. Gillian’s back, tell a friend. It is with some delight that I read the ‘news’ that the poo obsessive and serial science abuser Gillian McKeith has been interned in the Big Brother house, presumably as punishment for crimes against nutrition facts. It seems such a long time ago that the good ‘Doctor’ was on our screens almost constantly, abusing fat people to tears, analysing poo and telling us to eat more chlorophyll because it oxygenates the blood. I had imagined