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  1. The Natural Alternative? Part 1

    The Natural Alternative? Part 1

    The Ketogenic Diet     Over the next couple of posts I am going to be tackling one of the most controversial and technically complex areas I have ever covered on this blog. Captain Science and I have been researching this for several months, keen to get our facts completely straight before it drops. It is something that we believe is extraordinarily important, as there seems to be a number of highly dangerous individuals out there, exploiting vulnerable people for commercial gain. Exposing this
  2. Whatever Happened to The Heroes? Part 2

    Whatever Happened to The Heroes? Part 2

    Heroes of Food Late in 1941, the last roads in and out of Leningrad were cut off, starting a siege that would last twenty-eight brutal months. Hitler’s intension was not to force the population into submission through hunger and want, it was to use starvation as a weapon of mass destruction, killing millions by cutting off the supply of food. The Nazis assumed that a complete blockade would bring Leningrad to its knees in a few weeks, but instead it became one of the longest and most
  3. All Evidence is Not Equal.

    All Evidence is Not Equal.

    Hello all. This is slightly different to the usual Angry Chef style (no Battle Dog, no voices in my head, hardly any bad language, reasonable length), but is an interesting follow up to an old post. I originally wrote it for another publication, but that didn’t work out, so I decided to put it up here instead. Which means you get it for free. Enjoy. Dairy Conflict A few months ago I posted a fairly extensive two-part investigation into unsubstantiated links being made between dairy