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  1. Help an Angry Chef today.

    Help an Angry Chef today.

    It has been quite a week in the world of Angry Chef. On Tuesday I was in The Sun newspaper (link), which caused a bit of a stir (in a good way). Later in the week Quack-Finder General Ben Goldacre tweeted about the Sun article, which led to even more interest. Ben Goldacre’s books and Bad Science column are one of the main reasons I started writing this blog, so for me personally, this was a something of a big deal and a huge endorsement of what I have been doing these last couple of months. I
  2. Do hares lay eggs?

    Do hares lay eggs?

    It has been a funny old week. On Tuesday I was in The Sun newspaper (link here) talking about alkaline diets, detox smoothies and the like. I only started writing this blog a few months ago and to be in the UK’s biggest selling newspaper so quickly is a little bizarre. Clearly I owe a debt of thanks to the excellent Amanda Ursell, who is just as passionate about this stuff as me, but a little less sweary (at least in public). Thanks also to Catherine Collins who does an amazing job, is many
  3. Meet the Angrychefs

    Meet the Angrychefs

    My recent post about the butt licking nutritionist made me some friends among the world of dieticians and registered nutritionists. I am slightly worried I might undo some of that goodwill with this one. For those of you who are used to the typical angry chef format, this is going to be slightly different, but it is addressing something very important. I fully realise that I am massively overstepping my remit here and I imagine that it might be seen as a slightly self righteous rant, but I