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Sunday, April 03, 2016


  1. An unfashionable defence of convenience
    An unfashionable defence of convenience
    Apr 23, 2016
    Undoubtedly the big food industry news this week concerned the decision by Mars to label a number of their products as being only suitable for consumption occasionally due to high levels of fat, salt or sugar. It was an interesting and unexpected move and one that generated a great deal of PR for the brands concerned, namely Dolmio and Uncle Ben’s. Feedback seemed generally positive and I have to admit that I admire them for taking something of a stand for the preserving of flavour. For some
  2. The voices in my head told me to believe Davina McCall
    The voices in my head told me to believe Davina McCall
    Apr 16, 2016
    So, let’s imagine that some day in the future, Angry Chef and Gwyneth Paltrow are down the bookies on a Saturday afternoon. We decide to go across the road to Greggs to get something to line our stomachs before heading to the White Lion for a couple of pints. Just as we are crossing the road, clearly distracted by the thought of processed meat wrapped in delicious flaky pastry, bang, we are both hit by a car (presumably in this bizarre fantasy world it is driven by Jeremy Clarkson). As we both
  3. Want to see something really scary?
    Want to see something really scary?
    Apr 08, 2016
    On a week when my daughter started taunting me with packets of courgetti in the supermarket, somebody asked me what it is about the new stars of clean eating that bothers me so much. I must admit that, although I do firmly believe that a lot of the advice given out by the likes of Ella Woodward and the Hemsley sisters is damaging, sometimes when I am making fun of them for their alkalizing lemon water or toxic tongue scrapers, it feels a bit like I am punching a lovable puppy in the face
  4. Do hares lay eggs?
    Do hares lay eggs?
    Mar 31, 2016
    It has been a funny old week. On Tuesday I was in The Sun newspaper (link here) talking about alkaline diets, detox smoothies and the like. I only started writing this blog a few months ago and to be in the UK’s biggest selling newspaper so quickly is a little bizarre. Clearly I owe a debt of thanks to the excellent Amanda Ursell, who is just as passionate about this stuff as me, but a little less sweary (at least in public). Thanks also to Catherine Collins who does an amazing job, is many