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  1. The Convenience Truth Part 4

    The Convenience Truth Part 4

    I seem to remember starting a food and science blog a few months back to expose fad diets and food pretentions. I thought a little gentle humour and poking of fun at self-aggrandising chefs and misguided health gurus would waste a bit of my time and make a few people laugh. Not quite sure how I ended up here, but today I am going to talk about social deprivation and misogyny. What?? Fuck me. Are you sure? Do you not think you upset enough people last week? Yes, I am sure. The Convenience
  2. A Convenience Truth Part 3

    A Convenience Truth Part 3

    Captain Science, are you ready? Born ready. Strange Inner Voice, are you ready? Oh yeah. This one’s going to be fun. It’s time for part 3. The Convenience Truth was going to be a pleasant little three-part post, ending with a nice burst of positivity. I was going to round things up today with some heart-warming quotes from all sorts of interesting people, saying how important convenience produce is to them, and how we shouldn’t demonise any foods. I was going to finish on a happy note of
  3. A Convenience Truth Part 2

    A Convenience Truth Part 2

    Last week we discussed that processed, manufactured products are not always bad. We also discussed how manufactured foods don’t make you fat because they are made in a factory. To people with an ounce of logical sense, this is a self-evident truth. However, given the anti-processed food rhetoric surrounding the obesity debate, it would be easy to be fooled that this is not the case. Recently I was sent a link to the transcript of a House of Lords debate on obesity. For a while I started to