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  1. What's the Harm?

    What's the Harm?

    'What's the Harm?' In The Grocer Magazine’s blog this week Julia Glotz called for ‘some perspective on the clean eating backlash’. Apparently most consumers can pick and choose from clean eating messages. She argues that if the trend for wellness encourages ‘even just a small number of people to include more veg in their diets, what’s the harm?’ This is not the first time I have heard this argument. In fact, when I berate the latest ridiculous fad, I am often told to back off and stop
  2. The Most Unfashionable Defence of All

    The Most Unfashionable Defence of All

    Okay, remember, like we practised, don’t mention the Hemsleys, don’t mention the Hemsleys, don’t mention the Hemsleys… So, the Hemsley sisters… Really! 3 words in? People are going to start talking. Is this like when you used to fancy that girl at school and instead of asking her out you just used to insult her all the time? No it’s not. The Hemsleys really do annoy me. And I don’t think anyone wants to hear about what happened when I was at school. Bet they do. No they don’t. People
  3. Introducing the Health Blogomator 4000

    Introducing the Health Blogomator 4000

    OK. Settle down everyone. Quiet at the back please. Especially you lot. The ones here from that fashion blogger’s website. There is serious business to attend to. A couple of points of order. Firstly, I hope you have all had a chance to look at the various things I have been up to. I did an interview on the excellent Poppy Dinsey’s website, so here is a link to that (link). And if you haven’t read it, here’s a link to The New Scientist piece about the Hemsley sisters and the GAPS diet