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WTF is wrong with potatoes?

Friday, September 23, 2016


  1. Just tell me what's wrong with carrots.
    Just tell me what's wrong with carrots.
    Sep 03, 2016
    Bosh!! What? Get out of town!! In the mix!! Naughty!! Prep like a boss!!! Cowabunga Dude!! Are you OK? I’m trying to be lively and fun. I want us to be popular like Joe Wicks. He has over a hundred billion followers on Instagram. Well stop it, it’s weird. Can we give things fun names then? Maybe if we quote a reference it could be a Roger Reference. No. We will not do that because we are not 7 years old. How about instead of spending all this time writing ten-thousand-word blog
  2. A Sometimes Forgotten Evil
    A Sometimes Forgotten Evil
    Aug 17, 2016
    Today, I would like to talk about a food related health issue. A recent report by PWC estimated that it costs the UK economy around £15 billion pounds per annum. The NHS spends £500 million pounds per year treating it, and much more trying to deal with the chronic health conditions that arise in sufferers. It has a horrendously high rate of mortality with many of its victims dying at tragically young ages. To make matters worse, it appears to be on an unstoppable rise, with hospital
  3. The Shocking Truth Behind Clara Gluten-Free Water
    The Shocking Truth Behind Clara Gluten-Free Water
    Aug 03, 2016
    I recently found myself on a long haul train journey down to London. Everything was good with the world as I nicely settled myself into the joyous peace of the Quiet Coach... Mmmm. Quiet Coach.  A chance to be miserably unsociable without facing the usual criticism. ...idly checking Facebook and Twitter. Regular Angry Chef contributor ShazzBakes had sent through a link to a website, adding her own tagline that ‘Civilisation is Over’. It did appear that she might be correct as the link
  4. The Convenience Truth - Part 5
    The Convenience Truth - Part 5
    Jul 22, 2016
    Hold on, just checking the list. Yep, I think you managed to offend everyone. Why thank you. That was definitely part of the plan for The Convenience Truth Parts 1-4. Like there’s a plan. It was supposed to be a trilogy. Unfortunately, when you challenge an easily believed rhetoric like ‘convenience foods are bad and are making us all sick’, you tend to cause a bit of upset. You are likely to be challenging people’s fundamental beliefs, attacking something that sits at the core of their