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Exposing lies, pretensions and stupidity in the world of food.

Why So Angry?

Angry Chef is dedicated to exposing lies, pretentions and ridiculousness in the world of food.
I have been a chef for 25 years and I am passionate about food. With so many bloggers, celebrity chefs, journalists, food writers, food manufacturers fighting for a niche in an increasingly crowded market, lies are being told every day about the food we eat. And people lying about food makes me angry. It makes me angry because they are abusing something I love. They are also abusing something very, very important.
Right now, food is central to two of the most important issues facing us as a society.
Issue 1 - In the Western world we have never had such a plentiful supply of food and never so much variety of healthy food available.  We have never had so much information at our fingertips about how to eat healthily. And yet in almost every developed country, obesity is reaching epidemic proportions. The cost to public health is immense.
Issue 2 – As the world population increases, the sustainability of the food supply will become increasingly important. The contribution of food production to global warming is huge and the difficulty of feeding an ever-increasing population is one of our greatest challenges.
As a chef I can do little about the two problems above.  But I can keep an eye on other chefs and the world of food in general and try to make sure that the information reaching people is correct, scientific and based on facts.

Who is Angry Chef?

I am an experienced chef with many years working in professional kitchens including some pretty good ones. I have a BSc from a decent university, but this was many years ago and any scientific knowledge has now departed my brain. All that remains is a critical eye and an appreciation of scientific method. I have worked in Michelin starred kitchens, as a development chef for large restaurant groups and in product development for some well known food manufacturers and retailers. I currently work as a development chef for a large food manufacturer.
Angry Chef's only agenda is to expose lies and mistruths in the world of food and to occasionally poke fun at pretentious nonsense. All views expressed are my own and not those of any employer.
I can be contacted and will reply where I can. I am happy to engage in debate and also happy to be proved wrong. If anyone feels that Angry Chef has misrepresented facts, I am happy to look at the evidence. Training in cookery and science has taught me that it is OK to admit you are wrong, but only if the evidence is compelling.